billowing embers, formerly The Afroist Blog, is the product of the evolution of a blog that started from the depths of one of my longest depressive episodes. a time when i struggled to write academically and otherwise.   

the first blogpost, was purely about starting, writing whatever, however. in this process, i freed my writing and myself. this blog moved from essays about gender, race and class and became a sort of poetry blog about my irrevocable softness and balancing light & dark. it is to this blog that i owe my sanity. 

on this site you will find all the versions of me: activist, researcher, a human unhumaning, a writer.billowing embers is me at my most free. unfiltered. ugly. beautiful. dark, love and hate all at once.

– mamello-


Mamello Mosiana is a researcher at Open Secrets and a PhD student in the Political Studies department at the University of Cape Town (UCT). They are also the owner & writer of the blog billowing embers.

Mamello holds an MPhil in Justice and Transformation from UCT as well as an MSc in Security, Leadership and Society from King’s College London. Mamello has taught and tutored political studies, gender studies and public administration. They have worked for the Institute for Justice Reconciliation and the International Centre for Transitional Justice where they contributed to research on transitional justice issues.

*Mamello goes by the pronouns they/she/them/her

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